Today’s Delights

Wednesday 15th August

From the kitchen

Try our Delicious, healthy and hearty homestyle cooking at its best!! 

Open from 10.30pm  to 6.30pm  Today.

Today from our Sumatran Kitchen, we have a delicious Chicken Curry, served with rice. From our Korean Kitchen, a Pork Bulgogi and finally, from our Indonesian Kitchen a Javanese Aubergine curry. All of our dishes are full of  authentic flavours  yet prepared in a healthy way.  They are slow cooked to perfection to bring out the wonderful flavours in the succulent meat, enhanced by the aromatic spices and herb blends used.

The vegetarian dishes today is also from our Indonesian  Kitchen.  It is a wonderful Javanese Aubergine curry. Yummy!!  It has layers of terrific flavour and is packed with fresh herbs. It really is mouth-wateringly good.  Vegan friendly too. 

Today’s dishes are gluten free, nut free and dairy free…they are sure to hit the spot. Our homemade dishes are all very nutritious and healthy ensuring a good balance of protein, carbs and fat. Cooked with the minimum of coconut oil and no preservatives, it’s clean!  The meat dish is served with aged basmati rice .


Salads and cold bites

Come and try our healthy, delicious and wonderfully flavoursome salads that make healthy eating very enjoyable.  Vegan friendly and dairy free mostly!  We do have three choices of salad boxes, a 2 salad box, a 3 salad box and a 6 salad box each day and by popular request we have extra protein to add to your boxes – tandoori chicken strips, smoked salmon or green Edamame / soya beans at an additional cost.

Pan Asia’s lip smacking salads of the day in the salad bar will be as follows:

Kale, Cauliflower, Stuufed Pepperdew and Rocket salad

 Vietnamese Peanut and Greens salad

Spicy potatoes

Spicy Oriental Red Medley – tomatoes, beetroot and red onion salad

Wheatberry, Quinoa, Lentil, Blueberry and Mango salad

Tangy Carrot and Cucumber Som Tum salad

Thai spiced Noodle salad

Red and White Cabbage with Lemon, Mint 

Kale and Stuffed Pepperdew salad

Soup and Hot Snacks

Hot snacks of the day will be:

Samosas – Vegetarian and Lamb

Spring Rolls – Vegetarian and Duck

Caju Rolls – Gujerati patties made with Cashew Nuts and filled with spicy sweetcorn filling – Yum!

Peas Pattice – potato and spicy pea patties

Kachoris – pastry balls with lentil filling or spicy peas

Lamb and Chicken Sheekh Kebabs

Take a trip around eight Asian countries’ cuisines without leaving home

This week we are in Indonesia!

Indonesian food is one of the most vibrant and colourful cuisines in the world, full of intense flavour. Over the centuries many different races have visited and left their stamp on the cuisine – Indian, Chinese, Arab, Portuguese, Spanish, English and Dutch.
With 6,000 islands, there are many regional specialties, but wherever you are in Indonesia, most meals, including breakfast, are based around rice. Literally meaning "fried rice", nasi goreng is considered the national dish of Indonesia and can be found everywhere from street hawker carts to dinner parties or restaurants. It is a meal of stir-fried rice spiced with kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), shallot, garlic, tamarind and chilli and accompanied by other ingredients, mainly egg, chicken, prawns or salted dried fish.

Sambals are also a cornerstone of the cuisine and these chilli-based condiments may be either freshly made or store-bought. There are many types of sambals, all of which combine a variety of chilli peppers with different combinations of spices, fruits or vegetables.

Indonesians believe in giving a "kick start" to their palate with the heat of chilli and the sour crunch of pickles, so meals generally comprise rice, sambal and pickles with small amounts of meats, seafood or vegetables, often in curry form. People eat either with their right hand or with a spoon and fork.

Some of the intense flavour in Indonesian food comes from very sweet and sour ingredients – such as the thick sweet soy sauce called kecap manis, which is used in countless dishes. The sour notes in the cuisine come from tamarind and lime and the aromatics from shallots, ginger, galangal, pandan, turmeric, lemongrass and lime leaves.

Two foods adored by Indonesians are tempeh – fermented soybeans usually found in block form that are high in protein and fibre – and krupuk, or deep fried crackers, made from prawn, seafood or vegetables, which are eaten at the start of a meal.

Because of the humid climate and volcanic soil, tropical fruits, vegetables and spices are found in abundance. Dried spices such as coriander seeds, cardamom pods, cinnamon quills, cumin seeds, cloves and nutmeg are used every day in many dishes and each curry has a number of dried spices as well as fresh herbs.

Hard-to-find ingredients on your doorstep

Carefully selected by Anj

We specialise in truly authentic, hard-to-find Pan Asian ingredients and groceries for you to prepare your own nutritiously tasty meals. Feel free to ask for advice and cooking tips!

We stock and sell Asian condiments, grains, specialty flours, snacks, teas, coffees, dry spices, spice rubs, pastes, sauces, marinades, oils as well as chutneys and pickles Dry herbs and cuisine specific crucial additions to ensure authentic taste are available.

Tynemouth's Pan Asia Delicatessen and Gourmet Store is unique in providing at least 8 Asian cuisines under one roof by aggressively pursuing relations with specialist epicurists and wholesalers in London, Leicester, Manchester, Leeds and overseas (authentic brands and hard to find ingredients), local artisans as well as international distributors. It offers a more convenient and appealing option than ordering online or lugging fancy groceries back from trips to the nearest international store or wholesaler.

Quick & Easy meals

We have pre-packaged ready meals by Ashoka and Gitts which offer a wonderful, authentic Indian ready meals for you to try at very reasonable prices. These meals are highly suitable for vegans and make a great lunchtime healthy option to take into the office or workplace.

Pan Asia's own range is available to add to your freezer stock of ready meals.

Specialist advice on food preparation is available from our highly knowledgeable staff with mention of certain hard to find ingredients stocked on the shelves of the store and guidance on what may be purchased via normal supermarkets. Recipe cards will soon be available to inspire you to try unusual or unfamiliar products.

Chai teas and coffee

Asian teas of high quality ranging from delicious chais to green teas and herbal mixes are available to the discerning tea drinker.

We also have coffee from different parts of Asia.

We are sourcing and preparing to sell a range of high quality coffee beans from different parts of Asia.

Lessons, Catering, & Products

Cooking Lessons

Escape your home kitchen for a session learning how to prepare authentic dishes from a choice of Asian cuisines at Pan Asia Delicatessen & Gourmet Store. Our cooking classes are small in size to offer maximum individual guidance, highly informative, fun and memorable 5hr sessions designed to give you confidence and help you acquire skills to work with Asian spices, blends and ingredients to prepare dishes following recipes that are authentic for homestyle cooking.
You have a choice of the following cuisines to try:

Indian - various regional cuisines, Korean, Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Singaporean, Pan Asian Street Food, or Vegetarian / Vegan Asian

Asian cuisines takes skillful preparation and a knowledge of how to combine the right ingredients at the right time to create an exceptional dish. The lesson helps to teach you some of the essentials to unlock the secrets of wholesome, healthy yet delicious Asian cooking and with this guidance you can create wonderful dishes to impress family and friends at your next dinner party.

Cooking classes feature:

Introduction to Spices, ingredients, sequences, cooking echniques and pastes of your chosen Asian Cuisine
Demonstration followed by hands on session preparing the dishes whilst being guided
2 course meal for two to take home and impress as well as enjoy!

It's a perfect gift for:

The budding home chef, someone that considers themselves a dab hand in the kitchen or anyone who would like to experiment and gain confidence in preparing dishes that they've never made before.

It's a fun and exciting team activity or a social activity with friends ending in sharing a meal together.......a great dinner party in the making!

Please note that all cooking school experiences are for those who are 18 years or older.

In each session, the level will be assessed through a pre-lesson discussion with you so as to maximise your experience. In each lesson, the participants will decide if they want to make a starter and main course or a main course and a dessert.

Class size : 4 people max
Duration: 5 hrs starting at 13.00hrs and finishing at 18:00hrs
Venue: Pan Asia Delicatessen and Gourmet Store, 69 Front Street, Tynemouth, NE30 4BP
Discounts of 10% for group booking of 4 are available.

Enquire for schedule of lessons, availability and how to purchase gift vouchers by calling 0191 9083959 or messaging us on Facebook - Pan Asia Delicatessen & Gourmet Store.

Catering & Pop Ups

Looking for the WOW! factor at your next party or corporate function? Pan ASIA can offer a uniquely different, exceptionally tasty menu for you and your guests.

We take orders for one pot meals for 4, 6 or more people if you are entertaining at home and want something more interesting than your normal take away.

Why not ask at the counter for details on how to order or call on 0191 9083959.

Through the Cinnamon Supper Club, a pop up experience offering a 5 course taster menu from different parts of the Indian Sub- Continent, we will help raise funds for certain local charities whilst taking our guest diners through a fantastic, informative culinary journey of an Indian region. Our venues of choice are interesting and atmospheric. Next one will be in February and the tickets will go on sale in January 2018. We can cater for any dietary restrictions.

A member of staff will be most pleased to take your reservation at the counter in store or alternatively contact us on 0191 908 3959

Gifts & New Products

Struggling to find gifts? Maybe you have a birthday coming up? For anyone who loves to cook or simply enjoys good food, Pan Asia have the perfect gift. With a variety of cuisines, ingredients and recipe books we are sure to have something to suit your needs.

Why not try our Limited Edition Chocolates, unique to Pan Asia and bespoke. We have teamed up with Jane Williams of Davenports Choclates to create an amazing new taste sensation when it comes to chocolates combining Teas and Spices!! How cool and unusual is that!!
We have the in two sizes of beautifully boxed Choclates - 6 flavours : small box of 12 and large box of 24.

Flavoured teas, chais and sensational fragrances from our beautiful spice candles look fabulous in a hamper with our chocolates.


My vision was to provide my customers with an opportunity to share my passion for healthy eating and cooking through an upscale Asian grocery and delicatessen.  I wanted it to focus on and specialise in certain Pan Asian foods with a distinct yet changing menu that includes authentic, hard-to-find ingredients from across the Asian continent.  A science exists behind the combining of foods and flavours that plays a huge part in our physical wellbeing, optimum energy flows and mental wellbeing.  I wanted to present this in our food at the shop for customers to enjoy.  So in August 2016, Pan Asia Delicatessen and Gourmet Store was opened for business.

Every dish prepared is fresh, preservative free, and balanced in nutritional value following successful principles tested for centuries by Asians.  A balance of highly nourishing foods made with great quality ingredients and packed with awesome flavours is our goal each day.  Home style cooking at its best from each region of Asia is researched, mastered and prepared for your enjoyment.  The deli serves mouth-watering meat, fish, and vegetarian options, delicious salads, appetising gluten free dishes, and healthy yet tasty clean foods.  All products are packaged and sold to be consumed off the premises.

We have a gluten free and clean foods line of packaged products that are hard to find in other delicatessens or specialist grocers. Ready to go food dishes are prepared on site daily as fresh, chilled or frozen.  Our Promise is Fresh, Homemade and Healthy.  We want you to have an exciting food experience and customer service with a smile.